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Unit Total Fitness in One Week!

Watch this video to learn how you can integrate unit physical fitness, resiliency training and your unit's Command Religious Program seamlessly using mobile video technology all in one week or less with strategic partnership between the unit chaplain and line leadership!

Course Description

Unit Total Fitness Integration Like You've Never Seen Before!

Tired of spinning your wheels trying to figure out how to increase the spiritual fitness of your unit to take on the issues of life and of combat with no traction?

Military chaplains and unit leaders long to see the men and women they serve with lead lives that are resilient to the inevitable challenges of life and the violence of combat.  The military institution has acknowledged this "warrior soul" issue for a long time.  However, there remains a disconnect between the institutional ideals and programs and real time execution at the small unit level to include vibrant participation in the Command Religious Program.  There is hope though and this course will show how overworked and time crunched military chaplain or unit leaders can partner with the small unit leaders to effectively educate their personnel on much needed life instruction as well as prepare them for the mental and spiritual challenges of combat. 


Military Total Fitness Coach/Major, USMC

Chris Reardon

While a sophomore at the US Naval Academy in 2005, Chris struggled to understand the difference between killing and murder in combat along with figuring out influential yet ethical leadership in the profession of arms. Through personal research and mentoring, he resolved these issues and continued on to become an active duty Marine Corps Intelligence Officer with 13+ years of active service that included three deployments to units ranging from aviation and infantry units to higher headquarters. During this time he pioneered new methods of military resiliency with multiple branches of service through collaboration with chaplains and unit leaders along with civilian business and church leaders which ultimately led to his founding of the fiscally sponsored non-profit organization, Freedom Fitness America which facilitates training for military professionals to be fit for the fight and life, namely physically, mentally, and spiritually prepared for the violence of combat and tackling the obstacles of everyday life.